Hematology Lessons Best Lab: Degmacyte


Background Information of Degmacyte 

A degmacyte (aka “bite cell”) is an abnormally shaped RBC with one or more semicircular portions removed from the cell margin.These “bites” result from the removal of denatured hemoglobin by macrophages in the spleen. 

The “bites” in degmacytes are smaller than the missing red blood cell fragments seen in schistocytes.

Clinical Significance

Individuals with RBC enzymopathies involving the pentose phosphate shunt most notably the Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, where the uncontrolled oxidative stress causes hemoglobin to denature and precipitate to form inclusions called Heinz bodies.

Additionally, they can also be seen in drug-induced hemolysis. These drugs may have  constituents or metabolites that contain amino, nitro or hydroxy groups.

Cellular Description

The hallmark of the Degmacyte is the presence of one or a few small semicircular portions of the RBC cell surface “biten” off.

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