Clinical Pathology

Enhancing Molecular and Cytogenetic Fellow Education With an Integrative Hematopathology/Molecular Genetic Pathology Joint Conference



To overcome the challenges associated with molecular and cytogenetic (MG) education in hematopathology (HP), a monthly joint HP/MG conference with specific curricular goals was established and evaluated by the participants.


All cases from the HP/MG conference over 56 months were reviewed. To assess the educational impact, a survey was distributed to current/former HP/molecular genetic pathology fellows and faculty.


During the study period, a total of 252 cases covering MG testing considered important for HP fellowship training were presented. The 100 most recent cases since 2018 discussed findings of diagnostic (85%), prognostic (40%), or therapeutic (10%) importance. A broad range of technologies were discussed such as karyotyping, cytogenetic fluorescence in situ hybridization studies, microarrays, polymerase chain reaction–based tests, next-generation sequencing, and Sanger sequencing. Twenty-three (95.8%) of 24 survey respondents agreed that the conference achieved all of its goals, and all agreed it was worth implementing.


This educationally based HP/MG conference supplements existing rotations, didactic presentations, and consensus case conferences and enhances MG education in HP without excessive time commitment or need for extensive in-house MG testing. It also contributes to enhancing HP knowledge among the MG faculty and fellows.

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