Best Lab is BID International Quality Award Winner

Best Lab is BID International Quality Award Winner
Regarding the International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award.
Business Initiative Directions is a private and independent organization, leader in the broadcasting of Quality Culture. Our primary activity is business communication oriented towards management through Quality, Excellence and Innovation.
For the last 32 years, BID has recognized those companies and organizations which lead the most important activities in the business world, and is considered the first organization to carry out broadcasting of Quality Culture, Excellence and Innovation in 179 countries.
BID has selected Best Lab to receive the International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology award in the GOLD category through a voting process in which business leaders who have participated in international Quality conventions organized by BID during 2017 in London, Geneva, Paris, New York and Frankfurt cast their votes. This process is confidential and the identity of those people who nominated and voted for you to receive the BID Quality Award will not be revealed.
The ceremony to present the award will take place during the BID International Convention for Quality, Innovation and Excellence, in Frankfurt, Germany on March 17th and 18th.

BID Quality Award selection criteria
Those nominated to receive the BID awards are selected through a process of consultation in which BID’s Honorary Members, Pragmasters, Quality Ambassadors and Quality Hunters, participate, along with BID’s panel of experts.
The companies, organizations and leaders selected are those who have verifiable quality values or have made exceptional contributions to Quality Culture in one or more of the following fields:
·         Excellence in leadership and management
·         Quality and excellence in products and services
·         Brand prestige or brand leadership in specific business areas
·         Innovation, development and technological production
Once the nominees considered to have developed Quality in an exceptional manner are selected, in one or more of the previously mentioned areas, our technical panel carries out an analysis of each organization or company, evaluating the following criteria:
·         Customer satisfaction
·         Communication strategies
·         Benchmarking
·         Information gathering and data analysis
·         Leadership
·         Planning and decision-making
·         Human resources
·         Talent management
·         Education and continuous training of personnel
·         Efficiency in production processes
·         Business results
·         ISO 9001 compliance
·         Implementation of Total Quality Models
·         QC100 Criteria
Those organizations reaching the highest level of evaluation are selected to receive the BID Quality Award at the annual ceremony, as a recognition for excellence and commitment to Quality Values.
More information about International Arch of Europe Convention Award Visit IAE Award

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